Chopra's Claim Of 150+ Yr Olds

Don Ashley dashley at TENET.EDU
Wed Feb 14 22:42:41 EST 1996

Didn't Chopra claim that there were 150 year-olds in Russia in his book 
Ageless Mind Timeless Body?  

I don't have the book and would like the point clarified w/o going to the 
library or store.

On 14 Feb 1996, WalkerBill wrote:

> >Odd isn't it that France where no one cares a hang
> > for healthy living should produce a woman of 121 years old.
>   Actually, the French diet is higher in monounsaturated fat, fruits and
> vegetables than the typical American diet; probably factors far more
> important than vitamin supplements. But you raise a good point; why aren't
> there any 150-year old humans anywhere? Surely out of five billion people,
> one would have accidently modified their diet in a healthy way... at least
> if Walford's caloric restriction theory is right. But maybe it's not that
> simple.

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