Learned Helplessness About Immortali

Alan E. Jackson AJackson at ST.CEU.EDU
Fri Feb 23 20:58:29 EST 1996

From: ratan at KB.USM.MY (Ratan Singh)
Subject: Re: Learned Helplessness About Immortality (fwd)
Date: 21 Feb 1996 20:31:59 -0800

I wonder why people keep on asking the same question: Why someone wants 
to live longer ? I have already answered: We are genetically programmed 
to want to live longer. Those who did not want so, have died early. It is 
a useless question. Question should be: How to live longer. From: Ratan 
Singh, Ratan at kb.usm.my


 Those who did not want so, have died early.
                                Ratan Singh
   I think that is, writing down the truth.  Its becoming aware of
 how "Nature" has planned our obsolescence, that we then look for ways
 to overcome.

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                                    Alan E. Jackson
                               (Learning Leads To Living)

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