Learned Helplessness About Immortality (fwd)

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On Sun, 25 Feb 1996, John de Rivaz wrote:

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> Johnson) writes:
> > Not quite. I don't think its the helplessness. Its the fear of
> > ridicule by others - suggesting the possibility is about as acceptable
> > as believing in UFOs.

That was true thru the 80's.  This is 1996.  Breakthroughs in the 90's in
genetics, biotechnology, nanotechnology, computer applications, and
telomerase have made 'stopping the aging process' more credible. 

It takes courage to introduce the topic to people who do not follow 
science developments and who focus on the negativity of the media.

It takes conviction to receive the ridicule of skeptics.

Skeptics are not necessarily of low education or mentality. We've all 
been barraged with claims of eternal life, happiness, wealth, 
and endless far-fetched benefits from high pressure sales drives.

People who promote the 'concept' of 'curing the old age disease' are not 
selling products or religion.  They are excited about new science and 
want to promote public and private support in those directions.

Don Ashley

> In this context it is worth reading the threads on uk.legal where lawyers 
> are debating their right to cut up the bodies of people who want to use 
> unconventional means to extend their lives (cryonics)
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