Melatonin. Time release.

a88qpo92 janus at
Tue Feb 27 19:20:45 EST 1996

Just to check that I understand:

1. The body produces its own melatonin at a fairly steady rate during
sleep. Some of us produce more, some less.

2. When we take a standard melatonin capsule, the blood will show a very
high concentration of melatonin in the beginning of the night and then it
will taper of towards the morning, right?

3. If we gave a pill of melatonin in the evening that was sufficient only
to fall asleep, the effectiveness would be gone in an hour or two because
the remaining blood level of melatonin would be depending on the body's
own production of melatonin Right?

4. In order to keep a 'sleepy' dose of melatonin in the blood for let's
say 5 am - 7 am we need to 'overdose' melatonin at 11 pm right?

5. With time release we are solving the problem, by inputting a capsule
in or stomach that will release the melatonin in 'portions' during the night,
avoiding the heavy initial dos at night and still giving melatonin for the
early morning?

6. The principle with time relase could be compared with taking a very
low dose mel, say 0.1 mG every hours throughout the night?

In Sweden we don't know so much about melatonin yet so we have to get
some help getting things straightened out for us...

Looking forward to your answer

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