DHEA legal to purchase in U.S.A?

P.C. Visser visser at pi.net
Wed Jan 3 16:45:35 EST 1996

Michael Behlen wrote:
>      I phoned several health food stores and inquired about DHEA.
>      I was informed that this product is not legal to purchase without
>      a doctors prescription.  I see notices on this usenet offering
>      to sell DHEA.  Why can they offer DHEA, but I can not get it a
>      a local health food store?
>      Mike

Dear Mike,
Here an other answer to your question:
We phoned the FDA, they told us that DHEA is a nutritional supplement
and can be bought without prescription.

Kind regards,

Euro Care Mailorder Pharmacy
Casper F. Lacle, M.D.

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