Psyllium Dangers?

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>>>Here is an added thought:
>>>Psyllium does not "cause" water to be brought into the gut.  Rather it is
>>>hydrophylic, i.e. it absorbs a certain amount of the  water around it. 
>>>That is what it is "supposed" to do.  Taking psyllium with minimal or no
>>>water can be bad news.  There are cases reported in the medical literature
>>>of globs of inadequately diluted psyllium or almost-dry psyllium getting
>>>stuck in the throat and ultimately causing the death of an (usually
>>>elderly) patient.

>>  How often should one use psyllium.I have heard of people using it 
>>daily,weekly etc.What do you say?Also how much liquid do you mix it

>Best to generously mix psylium with water, stir well, 
>and leave it in the refrigerator overnight for the water 
>to soak in before use

That sounds extreme -- wouldn't it gel ?  
If I recall correctly, psyllium is the active ingredient in 
soluble fiber supplements / laxatives.  It is supposed to be 
consumed 1-3 times a day (mixed with water and consumed immediately).
If you let it soak in water overnight, you would probably get an
unpleasant gel.    

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