requesting help with high school project on ageing

Matt Chan csv at
Tue Jan 9 23:37:54 EST 1996

I attend Kennedy High School in Sacramento, California.  My science group 
and I are writing a report on aging technology.  But we need a few ideas to 
set us "on track".  Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.  
Basically, we would like to answer these three questions:

1.)  In what ways can people control the aging process currently?

2.)  In what ways will people be able to control the aging process in 10 
years?  In 25 years?

3.)  What major "breakthrough" will be necessary for an advancement in 
slowing the aging process? (i.e. mapping the entire genome, finding some 
new treatment, etc.,)

Thank you for your any help you can provide.  We look forward to hearing 
from you.

Send any replies to matt.chan at

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