Physiology of aging bibliography

Charles Carter ccarter2 at
Thu Jan 11 19:26:10 EST 1996

sorribas at ("Albert Sorribas") wrote:
>Is there any book on Physiology on aging. I'd need not an ageing 
>theories compendium, but a book describing which physiological 
>changes happen with ageing.

Hi Manel,

   I have the ultimate book for you:  "Practical Handbook of Human 
Biologic Age Determination"  Edited by Arthur K. Balin, M.D. PhD. 
F.A.C.P.   CRC Press Inc. 1994.  It goes through all of the molecular and 
organic physiological changes that take place as one ages.  I was pretty 
excited about it when I first saw it.  It's a great big 10 pound book so 
it MUST be good!  Apparently it was written to give the gerontologist 
some physical benchmarks to assess rates of aging etc.

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