Anti-ageing effects of kinetin

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Wed Jan 17 04:42:09 EST 1996

Almost one and a half year ago, I reported on this news-net about the
publication of our dramatic results on the effects of a plant hormone
kinetin on delaying the ageing of human skin fibroblasts in culture (Rattan
& Clark, BBRC, 201: 665-672, 1994). Since these studies were done by using
the in vitro system of cellular ageing, we have now tested this compound on
an in vivo system of ageing fruitflies. In collaboration with a lab in
India, we have now observed that kinetin delays ageing, prolongs the
lifespan and slows down development of the fruitfly Zaprionus paravittiger
(Sharma, Kaur & Rattan, BBRC, 216: 1067-1071, 1995; November 22 issue).
Although it is still not clear what effects kinetin will have on human
beings by its topical and/or internal use, the recent in vivo results are
encouraging in that direction.
Suresh Rattan

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