Q10 Vitamin?

SKG skg at northcoast.com
Sat Jan 20 00:15:12 EST 1996

docclipper at aol.com (DocCLIPPER) wrote:

>I have been doing alot of reading on the subject and now I am confused.  
>Is Q10 Ubiquinone synthesuzed by the body or is an essential nutrient.  I
>had thought that it was coded on mitichondrial DNA and synthesized for the
>mitochondrial electron transport system.  Now some people write that an
>intake of Q10 is essential.  Who know out there?
q-10 is one of several ubiquitous (thus the name) benzoquinones that
occur in many foodstuffs. A modified ubiquinone is sold as idibenone,
intended as a nootropic,
My feeling is you can get these compounds if you eat real good, but no
doubt there are conditions (notably cardioirregularities) where
getting more in you is efficacious, kind of like vit. C or vit B
complex. Sure can't hurt (IMHO)....been doing one or two 45 mg caps
myself  - I'm still alive!

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