Finding caregivers

Sat Jan 20 16:11:14 EST 1996

My name is Sarah Holmes and I am a doctoral candidate at the School of
Family Studies at the University of Connecticut, specializing gerontology.
I have been researching mother-daughter caregiving relationships for the past 3
      I am writing to request help in finding adult caregiving daughters to fill
out my anonoymous 30 minute quesionnaire for my dissertation.  I am looking for
women who help their mother at least once a month, are between 40-65 years old,
and live within a 100 mile radious but not with their mother.  Their
mother needs to be free of moderat to severe cognitive dementia and be
unmarried (widowed, divorced, single).  If you, or anyone you know, would
be willing to complete my questionnaire, please e-mail me at sholmes@ or call me at 860-486-1116.  The focus of my study is
understanding how the mother-daughter relationships influences the daughter's
level of role strain.  I appreciate all you help in finding women for my study!
Sincerely, Sarah Holmes

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