Psyllium Dangers?

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Mon Jan 22 00:43:45 EST 1996

texasdaddy at (TexasDaddy) wrote:

>The previous correspondent wrote:

>---Best to generously mix psylium with water, stir well, 
>---and leave it in the refrigerator overnight for the water 
>---to soak in before use


Better do an objective in vitro study, before 
making armchair conclusions.

>The  idea of using psylium is to get it to expand INSIDE your gut.  It
>should be mixed with water and GULPED DOWN AS QUICKLY AS POSSIBLE.  It
>begins to expand almost immediately.

Yeah, as if your gut were in need of roto-rooting.
Sounds like "use sauna to melt body fat" type of

Rich imagination, but unsupported by in vitro studies.  
Sure it expands, and draws water to expand, but the
expansion does not end until hours later. Meantime,
if insufficient water was provided, gut dehydration or 
constipation might result.

>The dose of psyllium is individualized.  You have to find out how much is
>the right dose for you.

You can take as much of the fully pre-hydrated 
psyllium as you want.  The "right" dose is 
nonsense, and is a problem only when you "wash it
down quickly" with insufficient water.
>You might want to take it one to three times a
>day to start and to note the effect, e.g. on frequency and quantity of

>Responses to metamucul (psyllium) are highly individual.  The dose and
>frequency that leads to relief for one person may cause constipation for

See what I mean.  See above.  Your approach
will more likely than not, "cause constipation".

>I can't imagine trying to swallow psyllium that has hardened over night in
>the refrigerator.  YUCKO!

Not very imaginative when it is illogical
and not based on experimentation.  "Hardened"?
I can see that in your bowels, and those
of unfortunate folks following your armchair 
advice that was based on imagination, not fact
nor experimentation.  Fully hydrated psyllium 
is never "hardened" -- it is very **SOFT**.

You remind one of the medieval Church, trying
to burn Galileo on the stake.  Some humility
as shown by objective experimentation and
observation is warranted, before one tries
to attack others based on pure "imagination".
Life is often more complex than the armchair
dreamers would like to believe or admit.

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