Q10 Vitamin?

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Mon Jan 22 00:54:11 EST 1996

Katherine Tsaioun <TSAIOUN_VK at MINT.HNRC.TUFTS.EDU> wrote:

>Ubiquinone (Q10) is a coenzyme in electrone shuttle operations in the 
>mitochondria, you are right. And you are right again: it is synthesized 
>in the body. In fact, its name comes from the discovery that Q10 is 
>ubiquitous in the system. Hence, by definition, it is NOT an essential 
>nutrient, or vitamin for humans. People who are trying to prove that it 
>is a vitamin are wrong (I will not go into my suppositions as to their 
>reasons and motivations...).

Likewise, H2O is ubiquitous in the system, but it is
quite essential, and doesn't hurt to drink a bit more.

>Katherine Tsaioun

>USDA Human Nutrition Research Center on Aging 
>at Tufts University

>docclipper at aol.com (DocCLIPPER) wrote:
>>I have been doing alot of reading on the subject and now I am confused.  
>>Is Q10 Ubiquinone synthesuzed by the body or is an essential nutrient.  I
>>had thought that it was coded on mitichondrial DNA and synthesized for the
>>mitochondrial electron transport system.  Now some people write that an
>>intake of Q10 is essential.  Who know out there?

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