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Tue Jul 2 13:00:05 EST 1996

   About ageing. It may be an ailment like scurvy (vitiman C deficiency),
beri-beri (thiamine deficiency),rickets (vitiman D deficiency), pellagra
(vitiman B niacin deficiency).

   The fore mentioned ailments were reolved because "Not every one had them"
and we were able to find their cause. Ageing on the other hand is "universal"
or so it seems. There are indications that this is not entirely so.

   Sharks, lobster, alligators and flounder do not age. That is the meat 
does not get tough. The meat is white and the creature continues to grow
throughout its life. One species of flounder has the male stop growing and 
ages while the female keeps growing and does not age.

   There are some cows that will sometimes bear a calf that has white 
tissue in place of red. They usually die young.

    The old writings that tell of "Golden Ages" where people live 500 to
1,000 years and fossils that are gigantic seems to indicate longer life and
continued growth.

   Taken all together it would seem that from time to time in the past
things lived longer and continued to grow throughout their life.

   MY humble suggestion is that after the earth "REELS" from the crust 
slipping  around like an orange peel, the crust turns slower than the
earth for a period of time. This allows the earth's magnetic field to
outrun the crust from west to east. This energy should cause the cells
evolve better and cause plants to make molecules that they do not make now.

   These missing molecules could cause our ageing just as if we were
missing vitiman C and all got scurvy.

    Genesis in the Bible would be the history of the Jewish People from
the last Reel (extinction) to the last flood (secondary extinction).

   The flood would be a repeating process that was caused by the moving
magnetic field forcing negative water vapor ions high to form a band
of ice crystals around the earth and the positive water vapor ions low
form the heavy dew wrote of in Genesis. 

   AS the crust was slowly towed up to the speed of the earth the number
of days in the year would increace as some old records indicate and the 
effect of the moving magnetic field would decrease untill it could not
support the band of ice crystals and they fall in causing the flood.

   As we sit here waiting for the next meteor impact to shake the crust
loose and cause the crust to reel we are degenerating. We are losing more 
species than we are gaining. We are living longer through the heroic 
efforts of the medical profession but not like if we have the missing


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