Free radicals and aging

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Thu Jul 11 07:01:20 EST 1996

Hello Brian Rowley
     I had feared that raising dietary antioxidants might reduce production
of endogenous antioxidants and you said that Richard Cutler suggested that it
does.   I will have to find out what has been published on that.  However,
the observation that increased intake of antioxidants can produce increases
in mean life span suggests that  you can produce an effect, that the down
regulation of antioxidant systems is less overall or in some important
compartments than the increase in dietary antioxidants added to the system.
    A related question, I am beginning to wonder how much of the accumulated
free radical damage is from steady state production and how much is from
acute high levels from metabolic free radical storms.

     Related, from your e-mail addres are you at the British Columbia Cancer
Research Center?  If so, can you e-mail me direct the phone number of Dr.
Olive's lab?  I have a techniques question.

Ed Krug

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