Update on Negligible Senescence in Long-Lived Fishes

Joel Sassone joel at pac.co.jp
Mon Jul 15 10:12:55 EST 1996

>If you define immortality as no age-related increase in mortality rates I gather
>there are a 
>number of species (e.g. lobsters) which behave in such a fashion.  OK, there are
>no million-year 
>old lobsters, but that's because they suffer accidents, disease and get caught
>by New England 
>fishermen... :-)   But is "no ageing" [which is no increase in mortality rates]
>the same as 
>"immortality"?  Oh dear, I'm confused now.

An interesting experiment would be to capture some such lobsters, and try
to keep them alive indefinitely (this experiment may take multiple human
generations).  Has anyone heard of such an experiment being performed?

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