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Mon Jul 15 16:53:56 EST 1996

ITCH'96 is building up to an exciting event.  Its working theme of
and enthusiasm world-wide.  73 Papers have been accepted for presentation
and publication from people in eleven different countries.  These include;
England, Australia, New Caledonia, France, South Africa, Sweden, Germany,
Nigeria and Austria.  There will be presenters from almost every province
and territory in Canada.  Plus, papers from 12 different states in the U.S.

All of the abstracts are now on ITCH'96's world wide website.  Please take
the time to have a close look at it.  There is a lot of other information
there as well. It's URL is "'96"

This is the seventh time the conference has been held in the last ten years.  It
will be attended by health professionals, physicians, information and computer
systems experts, academics and researchers, hospital administrator, and public
health providers. This is a continuously growing, very high-quality conference
that you don't want to miss.    

 Jim Coward, CHE (Coordinator, BC Health Information Standards Council)
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