Cataracts and dairy products.

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Tue Jul 16 18:08:06 EST 1996

As a lacto-vegetarian for sometime, I was recently motivated to check 
out the myth/rumor that yogurt and other dairy products can contribute or 
cause cataracts. The motivation arose from my increasing sensitiviy to 
glare such as a lighted window shining into a darkened room or even the 
TV screen. I have read that this can be symtomatic of the formation of 
  So I did a little research and this is what I found:
1. The USDA did some tests on rats fed with a 10-30% solution of 
galactose (milk sugar) and they developed cataracts.
2. In those countries that maintain livestock and consume the dairy 
products, the incidence of cataracts/blindness are at epidemic 
proportions. These include India, Bangledesh, Nepal, Pakistan.(Some of 
this is attributed to malnutrition and UV ). In the US 25% of those 65 or 
older will develop cataracts but no one will go blind from them.
3. In those countries/populations with little or no dairy livestock, 
blindness from cataracts is unheard of. These include Palau, 
Wallis/Futuna, The Federal States of Micronesia and the Marshall Islands.
4. The World Health Organization; "global data on blindness" indicates 
that in economic regions that maintain livestock and consume dairy 
products, cataracts are the major cause of blindness.
5. The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine group favors the 
elimination of dairy products from the american diet.
  What is the opinion of the scientific community about this?

								M. L. 

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