Biology Research Equip-catalog

JAN CZEKAJEWSKI 75144.2413 at CompuServe.COM
Tue Jul 16 12:03:44 EST 1996

CATALOG IS NOW ON THE WEB. It describes over 60 instruments for 
physiology, pharmacology, toxicology and behavioral research. For 
example, you will find description of Cardiac output computers 
for rats and mice, Treadmills for rats and mice, End-tidal 
CO2/N2O computer with very small air sample 5ml/min applicable 
for small rodents, Oxygen consumption computer for rats, mice, 
dogs, horses and humans, pyrogenic activity meters, oxygen and 
CO2 gas analyzers, Bacteria respirometers and more. You may view 
this catalog accessing:

If you need hard copy, I will send it to you at free of charge. 
Please e-mail your street address to 75144.2413 at

Jan Czekajewski
Columbus Instruments. 

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