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Mon Jul 15 05:21:31 EST 1996

On Sun, 14 Jul, Lou Pagnucco wrote:

> Samuel Cronin <samuelc at> writes:
> >Antony Cerami began by summarising the historical evidence for the 
> >accumulation of advanced glycation end products (AGEs) derived from 
> >the reaction of reducing sugars such as glucose with proteins, lipids 
> >or nucleic acids (the glycation theory of ageing). He also provided 
> >some evidence for the role of AGEs in disease, including experiments 
> >where AGE peptides injected into rodents or rabbits caused many of the 
> >complications of diabetes (accelerated atherosclerosis etc.) as well 
> >as the generation of B-amyloid plaques in the brain.
> >   :
> >   :
> >   :
> >Prevention of AGE formation in rat models has long been achieved by 
> >the use of aminoguanidine, however, Antony's group had discovered that 
> >the B vitamin thymine can react with the specific AGE protein-
> >crosslink associated with the ene-dione structure and actually 
> >separate the proteins, essentially reversing cross-linkage. Tests 
> >showed that thymine uncrosslinked 80% of all AGE-linked Ig and red 
> >blood cells, suggesting that the other known AGE structures (eg. FFI, 
> >pyraline etc) may be less important. Experiments testing the 
> >
> This is a very interesting note, but please clarify it.
> Thymine is not a B-vitamin.  Perhaps, you meant thiamine?
> Or possibly you did mean "thymine" in which case you should not
> have refered to it as a vitamin.
> Thanks for the information,
> Lou Pagnucco (lpagnucco at
Lou, well spotted, you were right to point that out. In the notes I made I
wrote thiamine but a quick check of Antony's abstract showes it to be in
fact thymine (the nucleotide). However, one additional point I'll add is
that he used an analog version of thymine which he didn't elaborate on. I'd
guess thats probably not that significant but I'd have to look up the paper
from which the results he discussed came from (if its published yet, I'll
have to check) to get more details.

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