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Dear Nicholas,
The uniformity of aging in different individuals is far more profound than
you suspect.  Indeed it is more than the commonality of grey hair.  Take
the ten 80 year old people you describe.  All ten probably would reveal
atherosclerosis on autopsy as well as many other age-related changes such
as loss of bone mass, muscle mass, age-related macular degeneration,
amyloid plaques in the brain, osteoarthritis, etc, etc.  Many of these are
manifested early in Hutchinson-Gilford syndrome (Progeria) say by the age
of 12.  This and other reasons lead many such as myself to believe that
there is an important "biology of aging" and that the genetic component is
key in the development of novel therapeutic development.
-Michael West

Date: 7/29/96 3:58 PM
From: Nicholas Migliozzi
Why is aging such a big mystery.  It seems pretty clear to
me that there is no such thing as aging.

Take ten 80-year olds.  What do they have in common?
I can only think of one thing, and that is grey hair. 
Everyone has aged differently from the other, 
exactly like ten old cars!

Now, don't you think that if genetics were to blame,
all ten people would show the same "signs" of ageing?  

Obviously, aging is nothing more than an accumulation of
damage in one way or another, exactly like the ten old cars!

Does anyone find fault with this?


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