Learned Helplessness About Immortality (fwd)

Don Ashley dashley at TENET.EDU
Fri Mar 1 08:27:31 EST 1996

> Actually, that is what I was asking the group.  Why would people want to live
> for an extended period of time.  On  2/10/96 via this thread you posted many
> reasons people might 'resist' the idea of living forever.  I simply wanted to
> know why people are promoting the idea of living forever.  What is there to
> gain?

The concept is 'curing the old age disease', not living forever.  There 
are many ways to pass other than degenerative resistance systems (aging).
Our aging process collapses our defense systems by @80 years of age.

With new developments in biomolecular, genetic, and nanotechnological 
fields comes hope for stopping the aging process (senescence). Dying 
before age 100 is no longer a given.  There is hope for an extra 100 years.

Consider the discovery of telomerase, the 'immortality' enzyme in cancer 
cells. If telomerase is manipulated into healthy cells, we may literally 
be able to stop aging.

That leaves choices of death by careless, overconsumptive, inadequately 
coping lifestyles.  Not by prescription (genetic programming).

The concept of having another 100 years can lead to radical improvements 
in present-moment appreciation.  

> Karen

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