Learned Helplessness About Immortality (fwd)

Don Ashley dashley at TENET.EDU
Sat Mar 2 06:25:17 EST 1996

On Tue, 27 Feb 1996, Charles Flannery wrote:

> > Actually, that is what I was asking the group.  Why would people want to live
> > for an extended period of time.  On  2/10/96 via this thread you posted many
> > reasons people might 'resist' the idea of living forever.  I simply wanted to
> > know why people are promoting the idea of living forever.  What is there to
> > gain?
> >
> > Karen
>         I am asking the same question.  What is there to gain from living
> forever? 

Forever is unconceivable.  Stopping the ageing process will get us an 
extra 100 years.  We still have choices of careless, overconsumptive, 
inadequately coping lifestyles that will eventually snuff us if we stop 

>Life was meant to end....

Life was meant to be lived, not to end.

> and trying to make it an eternal thing > would upset the balance of

Anything man invents or develops upsets the balance of nature.

>I don't feel our world is such a great
> place that we would want to stay on it forever, do you? 

The world is a great place.  Our attitudes (which are changable) can give 
us a depressing or exciting outlook about the world.

 I would like to
> hear some opinions on this subject. >
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