Learned Helplessness About Immortality (fwd)

Todd A Carter tac2 at bonjour.cc.columbia.edu
Sat Mar 2 11:14:31 EST 1996

>Subject: Re: Learned Helplessness About Immortality (fwd)
>Actually, that is what I was asking the group.  Why would people want to live
>for an extended period of time.  On  2/10/96 via this thread you posted many
>reasons people might 'resist' the idea of living forever.  I simply wanted to
>know why people are promoting the idea of living forever.  What is there to

Many people argue that it would not be enjoyable to live forever, that a 
certain boredom or disinterest would set in.  This, I suppose, is a 
definite possibility.  I, personally would prefer the option of living 
for, if not forever, than an extremely long time.

There are more things to do and see on this planet than I could possibly 
do in a single normal human lifespan.  There is also more to learn and 
experience.  And, if you add the possibility of accessable space travel 
someday, you can throw the magnitude of the universe into the bucket.

Basically, a combination of curiosity about the universe and about the 
future provides the motivation for an increased life span.

--Todd Carter

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