Learned Helplessness About Immortality (fwd)

Don Ashley dashley at TENET.EDU
Sat Mar 2 07:06:31 EST 1996

On Tue, 27 Feb 1996, Kaye Hartzler wrote:

> actually you are asking a very hard question, and I am curious why.  

The question is asked because:

  	The concept of living an extra hundred years can be liberating 
and exhilerating without promoting irresponsibility.  I enjoy sharing new 

	The concept is reflective of a positive mental attitude and I 
like to interact with others who enjoy PMA.

	Discussing anti-ageing concepts helps to break down the barriers 
to progress about research in the area.  Funding from the gov't and the 
private sector are severly limited due to the 'flat world' mentality that 
there is no hope.  To achieve breakthoughs in science will require 
significant financial support.

	Lifestyles are polluted with the notion that after age '65' there 
is no reason to learn new careers or languages or avocations because we 
are already 'spent' and we are hopelessly waiting out our genetically 
programmed  sentence to the gallows.  Such resignation contributes to 
physical and mental inactivity and lack of stimulation.

	The concept that we might get to live an extra hundred 
years is more credible than eternity, which is inconceivable.

	It is fun to think of the advances in all the technologies that 
we might get to experience if we stay around even 50 more years.  Look at 
the advances in the last 100 years.

	It is motivating to keep our bodies and attitudes in peak condition
so that we have a better chance to be around when the breakthroughs in 
anti-ageing technology occur.  Health attitudes and bodies extend lives 
for a few years.  Maybe just long enough to get the advantage of the 
scientific 'cure of the old age disease'.

	Taking risks in traffic is more significant when we think that we 
may be risking an extra hundred years of our own lives as well as the 
lives of others.

	Consuming delicious toxins that are available on every street and 
in every store and restaurant may be given second thought.  
Overconsumptive, lethargic lifestyles may rob us of more than we could 
have ever imagined when thinking about anti-ageing possibilities.

	Pointless conflicts at home or work tend to reduce optimum 
health. When thinking of life 100 years from now, the conflicts and 
issues that we waste energy on today become trivial instead of paramount.

	It is a challenge to explore new concepts in a world that 
promotes negativity and pessimism.

 > I want to
> live a very long time, maybe forever, and the only reason I can give you is
> that I just want to.  I love being around people, new and old friends.  I love
> hiking and anything with nature, except driving in snow.  I want to live and
> enjoy the growing mentally.  I believe in life after life, and reincarnation,
> and people tell me that another life may be better.  I don't really want to go
> into another life, I want to enjoy this one a long long time.

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