Old Age

Floyd_-_Meyer at cup.portal.com Floyd_-_Meyer at cup.portal.com
Wed Mar 6 08:20:03 EST 1996

    Old age might not be a disease. It might be a intake defficency.
Scurvy, rickets, beri beri and palagra are intake defficencies.  If
nothing on earth made vitamin C we would all get scurvy and think it normal.

    IMHO we lived longer before the flood due to the earth's magnetic field 
moving from west to east about 10,000 times faster than it is now (one
extra revolution every 2,000 years). Actually the speed of the magnetic
field stays about the same. The earth's crust turns slower for a period
 of time after a meteor impact.

    Genesis would be the history of the Jewish People from the last
extinction to the last flood. The order would be:
    1. Meteor impact causes the mantle to ring like a bowl of jelly.
    2. Earth's crust shifts and the gyroscopic action causes the crust
       to "REEL".
    3. Mass extinction.
    4. Sun stands still, races around sky and/or rises in the west.
    5. Earth's Crust stabalizes, turns slower due to having lost energy.
    6. Earth's magnetic fielf turns with the core, out-races the crust.
    7. Moving magnetic field provides energy for origin of life and
       chirality. Also forces negative ionized water vapor high forming
       a band of ice crystals around the earth. Positive water vapor is
       forced low to form the heavy dew.
    8. Plants make molecules they do not make now. People live longer.
    9. Friction between the core and crust drags the crust up to speed
       reducing the effect of the moving field.
   10. Ice crystals fall in causing the flood.
   11. We do not live as long, waiting for the next meteor impact.


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