Learned Helplessness About Immortality (fwd)

Pharmacology hubio543 at u.washington.edu
Fri Mar 15 13:12:14 EST 1996

On 14 Mar 1996, NspctrGdgt wrote:

> I must wholeheartedly cast my vote with those who would be immortal. At
> this phase of my college career my intentions are towards research in cell
> biology, programmed cell death, ageing, etc. I am also one of the
> fortunate ones that are capable of feeling the raging fire that life can
> be. I don't want to give up my time here...certainly I would love to see
> others worlds if possible, dabble in bionics a little maybe. I am of the
> opinion that immortality IS a possibility, in one form or another, and
> also that a lengthy life would not necessarily be a boring drag. Boredom
> is a symptom of the uninterested and dwells most deeply in those persons
> who merely exist but do not LIVE !
Once had a professor who told me something that really struck a chord 
with me:

"There are no uninteresting things in the world [I would say Universe],
only uninterested people."

Still, I am all for recycling at an appropriate time, and when it is 
time, the container we call a body can be recycled - and that is 
appropriate for the ecosystem we call Earth, for a wide variety of reasons.

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