Short men have higher heart risk?

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Mon Mar 18 16:41:24 EST 1996

In article <tFZTxAUJBh107h at>, steve at (Steve Chambers) writes:
> This by-line headed an article in yesterday's local rag.  Not much detail -
> but a Donna Parker of Memorial Hospital in Rhode Island was quoted and
> a German study was also mentioned in passing.  
> Anyone know any more detail?  These results seem counter-intuitive to me
> given established relationships between mortality and size, calorie
> restriction and lifespan increase etc.

Short men are usually smaller over all, which means smaller diameter blood
vessels. These are more easily clogged than larger diameter ones. So it
makes sense. The rate of formation of arterial plaques is going to depend 
on blood composition, and is probably not going to be lower for short men.
Hence their arteries will clog faster 

Furthermore short and fat are not mutually exclusive. It is
weight for size that is significant. Not weight overall. 

Ian H
A short man, latest in a line of short men, 
most of whom have died from heart attacks.

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