Web site(s) directory on ageing

Richard A. Lockshin lockshin at mindspring.com
Mon Nov 4 17:22:43 EST 1996

look for gerontological society of america (I don't have its address
on hand right now, but it should be easy to find.)
Also, apoptosis:  http://rdz.stjohns.edu/~lockshin/index.html

mtroisi at MALTANET.OMNES.NET (mtroisi) wrote:

>Can anyone  help me to get information on website(s) and news groups
>that deal with Ageing and Gerontological Research.
>This information is being requested to help us build a rather
>comprehensive research tool directory
>All forms of help will be appreciated.
>Thanks a million for your cooperation and collaboration
>Regards to all
>Prof.Joseph Troisi
>Institute of Gerontology

Richard A. Lockshin
(lockshin at mindspring.com;lockshin at sjumusic.stjohns.edu)

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