What is Pikamilone?

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Tue Nov 5 21:00:03 EST 1996

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>I recently received the following information on Pikamilone and would like
>feedback on the validity of the assertions.
>I have done a search on the internet Web and Usenet for "Pikamilone" and
>have found 0 hits.
>Pikamilone is an amazing powerful compound with antioxidant properties.  It
>has been available in some parts of the world for over 25 years.
>Its primary use has been to both treat and combat brain ageing and
>associated disorders.
>At lower dosage, 50mg TID will achieve a tranquilizing effect.
>Increasing dosage to 100mg TID will bring about a stimulation effect and
>increase endurance.
>The effects of Pikamilone are felt quickly, most people will notice an
>impact within one hour.
>The body usually retains Pikamilone for up to six hours.
>Pikamilone crosses the blood brain barrier easily, which is why the results
>are normally experienced so rapidly.
>Pikamilone is a cleverly combined combination of GABA and Niacin

Does it make your brain itch and turn purple polka dotted?


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