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CONSTANTINOS PROUSKAS kgva1818 at mail3.kcl.ac.uk
Thu Nov 7 08:21:21 EST 1996

On 2 Nov 1996, mtroisi wrote:

> Can anyone  help me to get information on website(s) and news groups
> that deal with Ageing and Gerontological Research.
> This information is being requested to help us build a rather
> comprehensive research tool directory
> All forms of help will be appreciated.
> Thanks a million for your cooperation and collaboration
> Regards to all
> Prof.Joseph Troisi
> Institute of Gerontology
> Malta
Dear Professor Joseph Troisi,

My name is Constantinos Prouskas and I am studying an MPhil/PhD degree in
Gerontology at King's College, London, Age Concern Institute of
Gerontology. I have some information which was given to me by the
Department and which may be of good use to you.

The reference is: Susannah Tredwell,(1996) GRC NEWS, May, Page 7 and 11.

The www addresses which I send you were taken from there. 

1). Gerontology Research Centre: http://biblio.ucs.sfu.ca/gero/
2). Joyce Post's list Internet and e-mail resources on aging:
3). ADEAR: http://www.cais.net/adear   This is the web site Alzheimer's
disease Educational and Referral Center
4). Aeiveos: http://www.aeiveos.com/   This is a Biotechnology Research
and Education company "dedicated to understanding the causes of aging"
5). Canadian Medical Association: http://www.hwc.ca:8080/cma
6). Centre for Gerontology, University of Alberta:
7). Centre for Studies of Aging, University of Toronto:
8). DeathNET: http://www.rights.org/~deathnet/   DeathNet specialises on
issues concerning death and dying like euthanasia, suicide, terminal
diseases, palliative care etc
9). Health Canada: http://hpb1.hwc.ca/links/english.html
10). PharmInfo: http://pharminfocom/
11). Seniors Computer Information Project: http://www.crm.mb.ca/scip/
12). Seniors Directorate: http://hpb1.hwc.ca/datahpsb/seniors/senpage.html
13). Statistics Canada (http://www.statcan.ca/start.html
14). Third Age Centre, St.Thomas University:

The above information should be useful to you and to other people
interested in the field. 

I will come back to it if I get hold of any other addresses.

Good Luck with your project, 

Best Regards, 

Constantinos Prouskas,
Age Concern Institute Of Gerontology, 
King's College London, 
University Of London, 
United Kingdom 

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