Abstracts on Picamilon, Pikamilon, and Pikamilona but not Pikamilone

Noel A. Taylor nataylor at hsonline.net
Fri Nov 8 04:36:07 EST 1996

>Also, the research Pikamilon(a) is "nicotinoyl-GABA" while the Pikamilone
>product is "a clever combination of NIACIN and GABA".  I believe that
>NIACIN is not in any way a nicotinic receptor agonist.  I do not know the
>technical relationship between Nicotinic receptors, "niconinoyl"
>preparations, "nicotine" as found in cigarettes, and whether Niacin has
>anything to do with it at all.  I do know however that nicotine has
>cerebrovascular effects and alters cognition etc..  It seems to me that a
>Nicotine-Gaba preparation would be markedly different than a Niacin-GABA
>preparation, even though Niacin itself has its own vascular effects.

Niacin (Vitamin B3) is also known as nicotinic acid.


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