A student needs advice...

Carter Cliff ccliff at NMT.EDU
Wed Nov 13 14:29:06 EST 1996

I am an undergraduate at New Mexico Tech,studying Biology and Chemistry.
My scientific interests center around the Molecular Biology of Ageing in
Humans, and in development of gene therapies designed to slow ageing.  I
plan on attending graduate school, possibly medical shool, after
graduation in the spring of 1998, and I would like some advice.

>   What schools are involved in molecular ageing research?  Who are the     professors involved in the research?

>   Are there any internships available in molecular ageing research         labs?  How do I apply?

>   What sorts of qualifications are companies/research-teams involved 	     in ageing research and the development of anti-aging therapies           looking for when they hire a new research scientist?

Thankyou for your time.

Carter Cliff

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