What is Pikamilone?

Richard A. Goodman rag at hooked.net
Wed Nov 13 18:57:38 EST 1996

"Darryl R. Lum" <drlum at ibm.net> wrote:

>I recently received the following information on Pikamilone and would like
>feedback on the validity of the assertions.

>I have done a search on the internet Web and Usenet for "Pikamilone" and
>have found 0 hits.


>Pikamilone is an amazing powerful compound with antioxidant properties.  It
>has been available in some parts of the world for over 25 years.

>Its primary use has been to both treat and combat brain ageing and
>associated disorders.

>At lower dosage, 50mg TID will achieve a tranquilizing effect.

>Increasing dosage to 100mg TID will bring about a stimulation effect and
>increase endurance.

>The effects of Pikamilone are felt quickly, most people will notice an
>impact within one hour.

>The body usually retains Pikamilone for up to six hours.

>Pikamilone crosses the blood brain barrier easily, which is why the results
>are normally experienced so rapidly.

>Pikamilone is a cleverly combined combination of GABA and Niacin, the way
>the two items are chemically bonded means the manufacturing process is
>formidable and that is why we have taken a great deal of both care and time
>in introduction of this exciting new product.

>Studies prove it to be more stimulating than Piracetam and to have a more
>pronounced effect than Vinpocetine.  Other studies have shown Pikamilone
>has the ability to boost blood circulation, and blood supply to the brain,
>in a manner far superior to the results achieved with either Hydergine or
>Xanthinol Nicotinate.

>Toxicity is extremely low.  LD50 is over 10 grams per kilo in mice.

>Pikamilone has shown no carcinogenic properties.


>There were 15 references to journal articles, but 14 of those references
>were from USSR journals and primarily from the late seventies to early

>Any information/opinions regarding Pikamilone are welcome!

>Darryl R. Lum
>drlum at ibm.net


I'd be real careful about this product.  Some warning flags I see are
the assertion that Pikamilone is a "cleverly combined combination",
the assertion that they have taken a great deal of care and time in
introducing the product, calling the manufacturing process
"formidable," and calling it an "exciting new product." 

 Doesn't excite me.

And the logical connection between taking care and time in introducing
a new product and it's having a "formidable" manufacturing process
just doesn't follow.  Sounds like PR hype.

Rich G.  

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