On the subject of grey hair.

Turner W. Rentz, III treyr at ibm.net
Mon Nov 18 04:30:29 EST 1996

Grey hair, actually is regular color it seems, at the root
and white at the base.

White is a color which occurs from disorganized molecular
orienting to reflect several different wavelengths.

Toxins have built up to destroy this orientation, the
proper stacking of the molecules and poisons that
the skin sheds. 

To lose integrity in this organ is to begin to die. 
There are too many bugs in the world to survive

I still cannot fathom the reason why people die
and why the toxins cannot be eliminated.

Perhaps greying of hair follicles, or exfoliated skin
is a clue
Turner W. Rentz, III  
Advanced Technology and Research, Inc. 

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