Detroit Area Presentation by Dr. M. Fossel on Telomere Theory of Aging

Lou Pagnucco lpagnucco at
Mon Oct 14 23:23:57 EST 1996

Dr. Richard Fossel will discuss the telomere theory of aging
at 1:00 PM on Sunday, October 20 at the Borders Book Store in
Novi, Michigan.  Dr. Fossel is the author of the very popular
recently published book, "Reversing Human Aging".
Telomeres are gene sequences which terminate chromosomes.
For most cell types, telomeres are reduced in length every
cell division and may be the "clock" which determines each
cell's biological age.  Telomeres appear to be centrally
involved in the regulation of cell growth, differentiation and
Future telemere based therapies show promise for arresting
cancer growth and possibly rejuvenating old cells.
Dr. Fossel earned his Ph.D. in Neurobiology and his M.D. at
Stanford University.  A recipient of a National Science
Fellowship, Dr. Fossel began his work on aging while still
in medical school.  He has taught biology, medicine, ethics
and aging at several universities and is currently Professor
of Clinical Medicine at Michigan State University.
Dr. Fossel will be available to sign his book after his
Novi Borders is located in the strip mall south of I96 (just
south of the Twelve Oaks Mall) about one mile west of the
I275 interchange and just off of Novi road.

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