Water Filters

Robert? robertm at nicom.com
Tue Oct 15 17:32:09 EST 1996

Maybe its time to think about having clean water in the your home.
Several types of systems are inexpensive and available for the home and
business.  Counter top, under counter systems, shower systems, in line
systems, and whole house or business systems.
Think of the last time you could say the water you drink, wash your body
in, cook with, and serve your children, was free of hard minerals,
bacteria, pesticides, metals, odors, and sediments of all kinds?
Give your self the opportunity to purchase an EPA OSHA certified product
that will give you the chance to say that today.
If you are concerned for your health, the taste of your food, or the
quality of your washing results, you can receive information to help you
make an intelligent decision your body will never regret.
You are 70% water.
Might be nice to get some clean stuff inside?

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