possible explanation for evolutionary/natural selection of aging process

Brandon Smith bcs2 at ix.netcom.com
Mon Oct 14 22:59:00 EST 1996

Does anyone have any ideas regarding possible theories about
evolution/natural selection in reference to the aging process? Perhaps
the governing of cell divisions is caused to program the species for
approximate maximum survivability with regards to needed food and other
resouces along with environmentals, and hence physical size is governed
accordingly? Also, perhaps certain species needed physical size
regulation for reproductive compatibility among each individual
species? Perhaps not with certain systems such as fish implement, but
certainly with mammals, for example, which might explain that some
aquatic creatures seem to have little or no size regulation or aging,
such as lobsters, while others such as ourselves do.. Also, what's the
latest regarding the 50 divisions observations? I'm not learned in such
fields, but am curious to hear some thoughts out there as to other
possible ev./nat.sel. theories on what might cause genetic, cellular
nucleic governing? I have already heard of the consumption of repeating
dna at the ends, which appears to possibly play a role, as animals
which do not clearly demonstrate aging appear to have enzymes
supporting the replenishment of such repeaters.. 

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