Biochemical Cause of Body Ageing

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Sat Dec 6 13:41:45 EST 1997

Phil Chapman wrote:

> You might also want to find some information on Werner Syndrome which
> looks like the best bet for a potential model at the moment.
> What are other people's views on the validity of Werner Syndrome as a
> model for ageing?
> Phil Chapman

I start by declaring an interest; because I work on Weerner's syndrome.

We do not know whether it is a good model to study.  There are many
features which mimic "normal" ageing, but there are also some features
which are different.

Consequently, my own view is that we will only be able to determine how
good a model it is when we know a lot more about Werner's syndrome.

On the other hand, it is quite clear that we will learn a lot about
human [ and all ] biology by studying ageing.  And because models are
rather rare, I think that Werner's syndrome is an unusually good model
to study.

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