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             You Are On Our Mailing List And We Need Your Help!!
  Please let us thank you in advance here at Leadblaster Marketing Group for
  taking a moment to update our mailing list.

  We would appreciate a qualified response to our 
  advertisement in order to better serve you.

  Should you want to learn more about LeadBlaster Marketing Group click on
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  If you do not want to receive e-mail from LeadBlaster
  Marketing please respond by typing "remove" in the
  subject line and simply send us a reply and you
  will be removed from all future mailings. Remember
  if you have more than one e-mail address please list
  all of them in the body of your e-mail to us one address
  per line and type "e-mail" in the subject line instead
  of "remove". 

  If you don't respond in any way to this e-mail then
  LeadBlaster Marketing will assume that you want to
  continue receiving 3-5 e-mails a week from our
  General Marketing List.

  Now, if you would like to join one of LeadBlaster's specific lists for your
  interests simply choose from our advertisement lists below. Then send
  LeadBlaster Marketing a reply by clicking on the e-mail address adjacent to
  the category and say "Yes" in the subject line of that e-mail, you will
  then be added to that list. This action will remove you from our General
  Mailing list and all other lists you may be on. Should you choose to
  recieve advertisment e-mails from more than one list or want to continue to
  receive advertisments from our General Mailing List then you will need to
  send a e-mail to each category and say "Join" in the subject line of that
  e-mail. LeadBlaster's filter systems will do the rest.

                Current Advertisement E-mail Categories

  1. Travel & Vacations                           leadblaster at

  2. Recreational products                      superhits at

  3. Investing                                           leadcreator at

  4. Business Opportunities                     quickleads at

  5. Software, Books, Music & Art           fastflood at

  6. Bargain's & deals                              fastleads at

  7. General Advertising                          flashflood at

  We here at LeadBlaster are determined to run a legitimate bulkmail business
  on the web.  We currently have over 5,000,000 addresses on our lists, so
  please Help us so we can keep a clean happy mail list that receives no more
  than 3-5 advertisement e-mails per list per week.

  Thank You again from all of us here at
  LeadBlaster Marketing Group!


    THIS IS IMPORTANT, Please put "remove" in the subject line of your return
    e-mail to be completely removed from our mail list should you no longer want
    advertisement e-mails from LeadBlaster Marketing Group.  

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