Where are the perfect repair systems?

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Tue Feb 11 15:58:20 EST 1997

Hang-Jun Chang <iam at chollian.dacom.co.kr> wrote:
>I am very interested in the relationship between aging process and 
>reproduction. Now calorie restriction is known as the only 
>scientifically proved aging retardation method. If 'Disposable Soma' 
>theory is correct, Why don't 'sexual or reproductive restraint' have 
>any effect on life span? I don't know any scientific evident about it 
>yet. If you know any articles on it, please let me know them.
>Hangjun Chang

        Reproduction decreases life span in fruit flies. Scientists who do
mortality studies on fruit flies separate the males from the females to
prevent mating, as mating reduces longevity. I don't think the same applies
for humans, though :->

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