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Sun Feb 16 15:00:48 EST 1997

> > We are interested in 'Antigeria' the medical condition of profoundly
> > extended youth, not early aging.
> Please explain Antigeria to me?  I've never heard about the condition.

Antigeria is a medical condition that I would like to have. It means 
perpetual youth.  It is a term that I coined for lack of a better one. 
It is a condition that Geron Corp (NASDAQ) is seeking to develop. There is a 
biotechnical term for it. A4M is a coalition of scientists working to 
lengthen human life expectancy. 

Many researchers globally are seeking ways to stop the aging process 
(eg., Curing the Old Age Disease Society - COADS).  Breakthru would be worth
$billions in windfall profits. 
Then, again, if I were a scientist who discovered the way to stay young
and stop the aging process, I don't know if I would let the world know
about it for many years to come.  The ramifications are incomprehensible. 
I'm not sure that it hasn't already been developed.  Govt's have a way of
suppressing research or solutions. 
Even with the cellular aging process arrested, people would still have 
opportunites to extinguish themselves in socially acceptable ways, such 
as overconsumption of foods; regular ingestion of toxins like alcohol, 
smoke, fatty foods, and high cholesterols; sedentary lifestyles; as well as 
careless driving and going to high crime areas and participating in 
high-risk activities.

Don (not Dawn)

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