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> On Sun, 16 Feb 1997, Dawn wrote:
> > Yes, to answer your question, if I found the "cure to aging", I would
> > announce it.  Scientific Knowledge - especially that with life-saving
> > applications - belongs to everyone.  

Right, that is why the patent system exists, I suppose?

In reality, we will not discover 'the' cure for ageing, any more than 40
years of molecular genetics has discovered 'the' cure for cancer. There
will be a battery of techniques, each extending life and youthfulness by a
few percent, maybe 30% for a really hot technique. And everyone will
announce their technique because, after all, it will only be an
incremental improvement. Like each new generation of PC is just a slight
upgrade on teh last, none are really revolutionary, none are going to
alter society fundamentally, but here we are after 20 years and suddenly
society is fundamentally different, thanks to the PC.

William Bains

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