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> On 11 Feb 1997 Douglas Schwartz wrote:
> >Libidinous human males do indeed age at a rate much greater than the 
> >average.

I do not believe this. Lustful males may age faster, due to stress,
tendency to get drunk too much, drive fast cars to impress etc.. But it is
well established that married males live longer than single ones, and
married males (on average) get more regular and more frequent sex than

Married females live shorter, but this is believed to be mainly due to the
stresses of pregnancy. Presumably if you separated them into childless-
and child-bearing groups, the childless group could well be longer lived.

It is known that the nematode worm c.elegans' life expectancy is reduced
by having sex (males), but there are probably evolutionary reasons for
this, like there are for the Pacific salmon dying once it has swum up
river and ferilised the eggs.

William Bains

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