Milk. Does it do a body bad?

Ken Nakai nakaik at
Fri Jun 13 13:08:42 EST 1997

Yogurt does provide the intestines with culture. Whether or not it is
necessary under normal circumstances, I don't know. You can't really go
wrong. When you have an intestinal disease that cleans out your system,
usually you are advised to eat yogurt (or other yogurt like curd with
cultures). Milk proteins difficult to digest? I'm not sure. I do know that
some people (including me) have difficulty processing milk products (I only
have problems with straight milk) but usually that's the result of the sugar
lactose. The usual solution would be moderation. Now, I do know that there
is no way, directly at least, that milk products will make you live longer.
The fat content will provide your body with the fat it needs for various
reasons; the calcium can only do you good.

If you want to live longer, try less stress, healthy diet (not a SlimFast
kind of diet), and moderate exercise.


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