Milk. Does it do a body bad?

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> Hello,
> I've been wondering what, if any, consensus with regards to the merits and
> demerits of dairy products, especially including yoghurt, skim milk, and
> cheese, for someone attempting to live a long a healthy life.  Anyone have
> any comments?
> For instance, a number of longevity and health-related books I've read
> advise that yoghurt with live cutures is good for the intestines, but I've
> also read books that say milk proteins are so difficult for humans to
> digest, even yoghurt's benefits are outweight by the problems it causes...
> Joel

Joel,  I love it but milk seems to aggravate the osterarthritis in my
hands and wrists so I have pretty much given it up.

On page 16 & 17 of her book "Beat PSORIASIS the natural way", ISBN
0-7225-2586-9, Sandra Gibbons blames it.  Also, in "Enter The Zone", ISBN
0-06-039150-2, Barry Sears, Ph.D. on page 102 gives a good background and
explanation of the problem.

If you think to take a lactose digesting enzyme (health food store) with
it the bad effects are reduced.  The book by Barry Sears is worth the

I would appreciate hearing about any good books others have found.

Joe Daniel

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