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Mon Jun 16 23:32:02 EST 1997

scott at (c scott) writes:

 Sc> why is it not possible,to obtain Melatonin  in the U.K.does it have
 Sc> side effects? Everything I have read about it is positive,so,can
 Sc> anyone enlighten me,as to why it is unobtainable,or, am I mistaken,or
 Sc> perhaps,even better ,can anyone tell me where it could be obtained?
 Sc> much  obliged.

I heard that it's a (European?) government plot.  Ban melatonin, thus
stopping hordes of people from becoming centenarians, and saving the
Govt pension funds from becoming severely bankrupted by 2020.

I don't know if there's any truth in this, but no one seems to
have any reasonable alternative suggestions.  Perhaps it is true.

You could try importing from Life Extension Foundation at 
lef at   - but you may hit problems with your Customs & Excise
when the package enters the UK.  Or you could buy it on your travels
to Switzerland, HK, or North America.  Maybe other countries too.

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