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Arthritis  (Informational Health Release)

The term arthritis simply means inflammation of a joint.  It is not a
condition linked exclusively with aging.  The most common and serious
forms of arthritis are often found in young active adults.  One million
new patients develop arthritis each year.  In America alone 250,000
children have arthritis along with forty percent of the population over
age 65 have arthritis.   According to the Journal of AMA, over 41 million
Americans suffer from arthritis.   Presently, arthritis is the most
widespread crippling disability in the United States today with more
families in this country being affected by arthritis than by any other

What is the answer?  Organic Sulfur (MSM).  Methylsulfonymethane (MSM) is
the vital nutritional dietary source of sulfur that is found in our living
tissues.  It makes the cell  permeable so the water flows freely through
the cell.  This removes the buildup of fluids and toxins which in turn
decrease the pressure inside the cell so the cell can heal and individuals
can be active without pain.  

One of the most effective means to get organic sulfur to the swollen and
pain ridden cells is direct application on the skin with a lotion that
contains MSM.  "A skin lotion with a therapeutic quality of MSM allows the
MSM to saturate the tissues directly and heal the body joints, skin and
muscular skeletal system" says Dr. Mindell.   

MSM has also been documented in numerous clinical studies to give
substantial and long lasting pain relief as reported in the New York
Academy of Science.  For additional educational information on MSM call

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