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Sun Jun 22 14:11:58 EST 1997

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>You could try importing Melatonin from Life Extension Foundation at 
>lef at   - but you may hit problems with your Customs & Excise
>when the package enters the UK.  

It seems to be OK to import it for personal use.

I ordered a batch + DHEA and some multivits recently from the LEF
which got through OK. However customs slapped on an additional £10
(ten pounds surcharge) when I picked it up at the postoffice. Customs
also delay the delivery so that what used to come in 10 days from LEF
now takes 4 weeks.

I have recently ordered some more and expect that to come through in
about a month.

Melatonin with DHEA (not taken at same time!!!) is very good and I
have noticed the effects on my system - particularly since I am a
night-shift worker. I don't feel as screwed up by shift-work as I used
to - good for my employers as I'm far more productive than I was
before and mentally more focused.


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