Science Fair Project: Geriatrics

Dave/Debbie Rogers dlrogers at
Mon Jun 23 16:00:32 EST 1997

My name is Summer Rogers.  I am seeking specific ideas and/or useful
information for a Science Fair project in the field of Geriatrics.  I am
particularly interested in cellular aging and research for the benefit
of uncovering the "secrets" of free radicals, mitochondria, and their
relationships to cellular aging.
	I have availability to experimentation equipment through California
State University Fresno, and am eager to participate in the discoveries
of this newly popularized field of study.  Having however, just been
introduced to Gerontology, I am seeking the knowledge of others in hope
of formulating a specific hypothesis and suggestions on how to proceed
in proving such a hypothesis to be true or false.  I would also
appreciate any original ideas from which I could possibly expand on, to
reach a hypothesis.  I am readily willing to share any results I may
obtain with those who assist me.  Thank you.
												Senior Clovis High School Student,
														Summer Rogers

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